Email marketing templates for solar

Cold email marketing is a very useful lead generation channel for solar installation businesses. It is simple, inexpensive and anyone can get started relatively quickly and easily.

If you are thinking of using cold emails to get more leads for your solar business, these email templates can help you get started quickly.

Table Of Contents
1. Email marketing tips for solar installers
1.1 Know your audience
1.2 Differentiate yourself based on quality and trust
1.3 Invest in good quality digital content
1.4 Use automation to generate leads at scale
2. Cold email templates for solar installers
2.1 Emphasize Return On Investment (ROI)
2.2 Make the case of the environment
2.3 Reliability of power supply
2.4 Send case study / testimonial
2.5 Updates from recent projects
3. Follow up email templates
3.1 Send brochure / pricing list
3.2 Casual reminder
3.3 Special limited time offer
4. Putting the templates to use

Email marketing tips for solar installers

Before you start working on an email marketing template for solar projects, there are a few important things to note.

Know your audience

Different lead generation tactics are useful in case of residential solar and commercial solar installation businesses.

That’s why it’s very important for first have a good understanding of your target market – whether you are catering to home owners or commercial property owners or industrial customers. Your messaging will strongly depend on who your target audience is.

For example, whether to talk about – cost savings, sustainability or reliability of solar PV power, will depend on the kind of customers that you are addressing.

Differentiate yourself based on quality and trust

If you are to have any success with cold email marketing, your cold emails must stand out from hundred of other marketing emails landing in someone’s inbox.

Moreover, any potential customer would put a high priority in the quality of your solar installation and maintenance over its lifetime.

Since solar installation would be a major investment for most of your customers, they would put a higher emphasis on quality and reliability rather than 5%-10% difference in price. In other words, your services can be 5% more expensive if you provide longer guarantees.

It’s therefore a good idea to distinguish your services for superior quality, guarantees and assured maintenance.

    Invest in good quality digital content

    If you want to project yourself as a business that values high quality, it should also reflect in your marketing approach.

    Your emails, case studies, videos, brochures, images should be of top quality. And since creating high quality digital content is not all that expensive, you can get a good return on your investment in high quality email marketing. You can use a simple service like Canva to create shiny new infographics, brochures, posters and images.

    Use automation to generate leads at scale

    If you are investing time and money in creating high quality marketing content, you should try to make the most of it by sending it to large audiences.

    Your cold email campaigns can be easily scaled up using a cold email automation tool to send highly personalized emails to your audience. You can also use a sequence of cold email plus a few follow up emails to further automate your lead generation process.

    email marketing tips and templates for solar installers

    Cold email templates for solar installers

    Emphasize Return On Investment (ROI)

    Use this email template with customers who are interested cost savings with solar PV installation.

    Subject: Reduced electricity bill for #Customer Company Name#
    Hey #First Name#,

    Most people think of Solar Energy as the environmental friendly energy alternative.

    While that’s very true, solar has now also become a budget friendly energy alternative. Especially when you are paying for electricity at industrial utility rates.

    We can help you to reduce your electricity bill by #percent bill reduction# %. On an average our customers get their initial investment back in #Payback Period#.

    Can we connect to understand your current power usage, accordingly I will be able to tell you exactly how much you will save with our solar PV solution.


    Make the case of the environment

    Use this email template is for the environmentally conscious audience, interested in solar energy.

    Subject: Making your operation environmentally responsible
    Hi #First Name#,

    Today, the world stands at a point where we need rapidly minimize our dependency on burning fossil fuels.

    But we also stand at a point where using renewable energy for large scale operations is financially practical. Thanks to advances in technology and production processes, solar PV has been getting cheaper every year.

    We helped #Number of customers# companies last year to reduce their carbon footprint by #Reduction Achieved#.

    Can we connect on a call this week to quickly explore your current power usage and how we can help you go green?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    Reliability of power supply

    If you are targeting customers in remote areas, disconnected from grid, this email template will be useful to position solar PV as a reliable and affordable power supply.

    Subject: Reliable off grid power supply
    Hi #First Name#,

    One of the biggest challenge you would face in #Area Name#, difficulty in accessing the power grid.

    We have helped hundreds of our customers to solve the same problem with our off grid solar PV solutions. In fact we specialize in off grid PV and battery installations.

    And because a large number of our customers use off grid solutions, our maintenance program ensures your PV installation have minimal downtime.

    I am sending you a few details of our offering in the attached brochure.

    Let me know if we can connect sometime next week over a quick call.


    Send case study / testimonial

    Case studies and customer testimonials will help a long way to build some trust around your brand.

    Subject: #Customer Name# recommends this 🙂
    Hi #First Name#,

    At #Your Company Name#, we are fortunate to work with customers who are deeply aware of the current environmental challenges and importance of sustainable development.

    Recently we had an opportunity to work with #Customer Name# to build #Project Size# solar PV installation.

    Here’s what they had to say about it – #Testimonial Video Link#

    I am also sending you a case study document, highlighting the cost savings and CO2 reduction achieved.

    Can we also connect to explore potential for a similar installation in your premises?


    Updates from recent projects

    Use this email template whenever you want to share updates from recent solar installation projects such as – photos, videos, electricity bill reduction etc. This will help highlight the quality of your services and build trust around your offering.

    Subject: Our recent work
    Hi #First Name#,

    At #Your Company Name#, we are fortunate to work with customers who are deeply aware of the current environmental challenges and importance of sustainable development.

    Recently we successfully completed #Number of Projects# projects.

    #Project Photos#

    Can we also connect to explore potential for a similar installation in your premises?


      Follow up email templates

      Send brochure / pricing list

      After the first cold email, you can use this template to send a follow up email with a brochure of your solar PV offerings.

      Subject: Re: More details attached
      Hi #First Name#,

      Hope you are doing well.

      Last week I had written to you about #Topic of the last email#.

      Just wanted to follow up on my last email and share a few more details of our offering – #Link to brochure or pricing list#.

      Let me know if I can provide you any additional information 🙂

      Warm regards,

      Casual reminder

      Most people are busy with their daily routines, including your prospects. Even when they are genuinely interested in solar PV, they will need small reminders to get them to take some action.

      Subject: Re: Did you get my last email?
      Hi #First Name#,

      Emails can often get lost in heaps of other messages. So I just quickly wanted to check if you received my last email.

      I had written to you about #Topic of the last email#

      If you were able to review it, can we connect sometime this week for a quick call?


      Special limited time offer

      You can use this template as the final email in your solar cold email sequence. If a prospect has shown some interest, but had not made the actual purchase for a while, you can use a limited time offer to get them to act on their interest.

      Subject: Re: Limited time discount offer
      Hi #First Name#,

      Earlier I had written to you about reducing your electricity bills with solar PV solutions.

      But it has been a while since we heard from you. So I just wanted to touch base with you and also to quickly update you on an ongoing offer – #Offer Details#

      But the offer is only valid till the end of this month. So let me know soon if you would like to avail it.

      Warm regards,

        Putting the templates to use

        You can use the email templates as a stating point to create your own customized cold emails. Then you can either manually send cold emails and generate leads. Or you can create a sequence of drip emails to automate the lead generation process for your solar business.

        Use our cold email marketing app to simplify your cold email outreach and lead generation using mail merge connected to simple Google Drive apps.

        You can also use some of these email templates in this solar CRM solution, to effectively generate and manage leads for your solar installation business.

        If you didn’t find an interesting email template that you can use in this post, you can explore a bigger variety of cold email templates for sales in this other post.

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