Importance of todo list emails in solar sales

Given the nature of the business, solar sales and installation teams spend a majority of their time in the field – meeting with customers, conducting site surveys, coordinating with utility companies, monitoring the solar PV installation etc.

If you’re a solar entrepreneur or sales engineer, you would be spending most of your time on the move. This is especially true if you are serving the residential solar customers. In that case you have visit a large number of prospects and survey their house for possible solar installation.

typical solar sales process

Sales team on the move

When your solar sales team is constantly on the move, they may not visit the office regularly. But even though they are not physically present in the office, they need to stay connected with the rest of the team.

For example, they need to be aware of all the new leads coming in on a daily basis. Further they should also be able to share the customer information, documents, photos, files collected with the rest of the team.

In absence of regular communication, customer documents can be lost, leads can slip through the cracks and your sales can suffer as a result.

Keeping your sales reps connected with rest of the team

So what kind of information needs to be exchanged on regular basis?

  • Sending leads to the sales reps
  • Reminding them about scheduled customer visits, site surveys etc.
  • Enable sales reps to easily send back the customer information and documents collected
  • Help them to easily upload purchase orders, permits etc.

If you look at all these communication items, it basically boils down to sharing a daily todo list email with your sales team to outline all the items that need their attention – site surveys, permit uploads, customer visits etc.

Daily todo list for solar sales

If you want your sales team to be effective, you can help them by closing the communication gaps. A daily todolist email notification will help them by telling them –

All they need to do is follow it as a checklist. So even if they don’t get the time to visit the office, they will still know what they need to do on any given day. Importance of this todo list will become clear when they start hitting their sales targets on a consistent basis.

    Important factors

    1. The solar sales checklist needs to be mobile friendly
    2. It needs to be updated on daily basis
    3. It should cover ALL the things that are pending at someone’s end
    4. It should help the sales reps to easily submit customer information and documents from their mobile phones
    5. The todo list format should be flexible. Your sales process can evolve over time, so should your sales todo list. It should be easily configurable to make any changes.
    6. Another point of importance is that the todo list should be personalized for everyone on your sales team. Everyone should only see their own pending actions.

      Fuzen’s todo list email notifications for solar CRM

      Because most of your sales information is already managed in CRM, it makes sense that your todo list emails should come from your CRM software.

      Fuzen’s solar CRM software helps solar installers to automate different parts of their sales processes – including daily ‘TODO list’ email notifications.

      When your sales team is connected to Fuzen CRM, they will receive a personalized todo list email every morning. This todo list is already personalized, updated daily and mobile friendly.

      The items in Fuzen’s todo list are linked to mobile friendly Google Forms for – site surveys, customer documentation, permit upload, engineering drawing upload etc. Importance of todo list linked to CRM becomes clear when your team is able to easily upload all kinds of information, while they are still on the move.

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      importance of linking forms to the todo list

      You can open any form on your mobile and update the required details to be shared with others on your team. Fuzen will then send an email notification to other people regarding updated information. For example, whenever a solar site survey is done, Fuzen sends an email notification to design engineers with all the details captured in the site survey. They can then use this information to design a PV system as per customer’s requirements and site conditions.

      This way, Fuzen minimizes the communication gaps within your team to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

      You can try it our from here.

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