8 Really Cool Ways to Use Video in Email Marketing

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is an age-old adage that remains true to this day. Conveying an idea in a simple way with no fanfare and fuss can be done effectively with an image. The effect is reinforced considerably when you use moving pictures, i.e., a video instead. With videos, you not only get to save time but also capture the attention of your target audience immediately while trying to sell a product/service. You can even create a beautiful YouTube channel to put your point across. Moreover, inserting a video in emails Improves the success rate for your marketing endeavors as well.

Remember, mere words are not going to be enough to convince the audience today. Tap into their imagination and demand their attention big time. All of this and more can be done with the aid of quality Video editors. There are multiple ways of harnessing the power of a video and generating leads in the process. Both B2B and B2C do it admirably by enhancing not only the click-through rate but also initiating conversion simultaneously. 

Here are 8 impressive ways you can use video editors for your email marketing strategy to obtain the right effects:

1. Delight Your Existing Subscribers

Make an additional effort by keeping the existing subscribers in the loop. Announce an upcoming event and provide the link within the email to get access to a webinar about a new product. Feel free to generate a buzz by providing regular videos that display particular traits of the new product. You may also educate the target audience by sharing ideas that resulted in creating a novel product. Walk that extra mile to inform your subscribers about the vision that you have for the future. Including new videos regularly in marketing emails will entice the target audience to check their inbox for your emails.

2. Offer a Personalized Experience

Sure, you may have painstakingly embedded multiple videos on your website. Sadly, visitors may not always have the time to watch these videos completely. Many first-time visitors tend to give the videos a miss. You can always take notes and use a tool that will shoot an email to the target visitor with a reminder to watch the video fully. While this strategy is not 100% foolproof, it does get results. Moreover, first-time visitors are usually pleased to receive such reminders. In addition, the click rate increases for you simultaneously, and you get more leads that are ready to convert.

3. Showcase Work Culture

Videos that display the use of a company product tend to grab more eyeballs. You do not have to go overboard trying to prove how effective a product is. Instead, have one of your employees use the said product and explain each step carefully. Such videos are likely to be a surefire hit. Add it to the marketing email and send it across. You will find the interest in your brand growing steadily. And the reason for this is because these are real people using the product!

4. Announce an Event

It is common for companies to launch brand new products by holding a gala event. Indeed, entry is usually limited at such events, which could lead most of your target audience to be disappointed at not receiving an invite. No worries! Rope them in by sending a video link via an email. This will not only have the prospects enthused, but your workforce will understand the need for subtle promotion with email marketing that goes beyond text.  

    5. Sneak Peek

    All humans love to feel important. Thus, it is a good idea to create a video and to send out emails with a video link to your target audience. Ask for their suggestions and advice about ways and means for improvement. This will have the existing customers firmly on your side. They may even go a step further and promote your brand by spreading the news via word of mouth.

    6. Newsletters with Videos

    Create interesting videos about your business and embed them into the newsletters. This will enable you to be in touch with the subscribers and help you gain recognition and connect with your audience. This can be a great opportunity to showcase your products/services by saving your time, as a series of videos will do the task for you effectively.

    7. Lead Generation

    Email marketing can also be used to generate leads apart from remaining in touch with loyal customers. Formulating the right email with the aid of text and videos can provide a complete picture to your audience. You do not have to put in any additional effort either. Videos will be generated spontaneously once you utilize the included tasks in your CRM.  Make sure to incorporate forms in the videos. This will provide you with an opportunity to assess the interest of the viewers. Remember to add a CTA in the videos inviting them to respond at the earliest. This will help the marketing team to convert the favorable leads into dedicated customers quickly.

    8. Subject Line

    Do not forget to include the video link or a related emoji in the subject line of your email. This will definitely entice the viewers. You can be assured of recipients being interested enough to open it and click the corresponding link. This will also reduce the instances of the email landing in the trash folder. Another trick that happens to be more effective is to utilize the same email for different prospects by tweaking the subject line a wee bit.  Experiment with the placement of the videos as well, but make sure not to go overboard by adding multiple videos in a single email.

    9. Conclusion

    The latest statistics have revealed that lead generation by using videos is a highly popular mode of reaching out to larger audiences. At least 83% of sales personnel are excited to use this wonderfully effective medium. Including videos within marketing emails will help you to make a difference as opposed to standalone promotional videos.  Achieve a good connection with your target audience by shooting emails with the right videos embedded in them. Use the above tips diligently to achieve spectacular results!

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