Building a Scalable Accounting App with No-Code: The Instabooks Story

This case study explores the success story of Instabooks, a user-friendly accounting software built entirely on Fuzen’s no-code platform. Developed by Siddhesh Raka, Instabooks caters to the needs of small businesses, freelancers, etc. By leveraging Fuzen’s intuitive interface and powerful features, Siddhesh was able to overcome the challenges of traditional development and create a robust accounting solution for his target market.


Siddhesh, like many aspiring entrepreneurs, dreamt of building a user-friendly accounting app. However, his lack of coding experience and the high costs associated with traditional development posed significant hurdles.  

He needed a solution that would allow him to build his vision without technical limitations or a hefty budget. 

Traditional development often requires hiring developers with specialized skills, leading to lengthy development cycles and ongoing maintenance challenges. This traditional approach simply wasn’t feasible for Siddhesh’s needs.


This is where Fuzen’s no-code platform stepped in. We saw the potential in Siddhesh’s vision for Instabooks – a user-friendly accounting app accessible to everyone. 

Fuzen’s intuitive easy-to-use interface and library of pre-built components became the tools that empowered Siddhesh to bring his idea to life.  

Without needing to write a single line of code, Siddhesh could focus on the core functionalities of Instabooks, ensuring they aligned perfectly with the needs of his target audience.  

Our platform not only eliminated the need for expensive developers but also streamlined the development process, allowing Siddhesh to stay within budget and retain complete control over the creation of Instabooks.

Instabooks case study - Invoice dashbaord


Since its launch built on Fuzen’s no-code platform, Instabooks has achieved impressive results:

Soaring Popularity: Instabooks has attracted a significant number of users in its target market 

Boosted Efficiency: Users report a dramatic improvement in managing their finances.

Reduced Errors: Instabooks minimizes human error in data entry and calculations.

Instabooks case study - central dashbaord

Siddhesh’s Quote: “Fuzen’s no-code platform allowed me to turn my vision for Instabooks into reality much faster and more affordably than I ever thought possible. The user-friendly interface and powerful features empowered me to build a robust accounting solution that is truly making a difference for my target audience.”

Siddhesh’s story with Instabooks exemplifies the power of Fuzen’s no-code platform. By democratizing app development, Fuzen empowers anyone with a vision, regardless of coding experience, to build innovative and scalable SaaS solutions

Instabooks’ success is a testament to the growing demand for user-friendly and accessible tools that streamline business processes.

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