Fuzen’s beauty lies in its simple-to-use no-code approach! You can grasp the basics and start building simple apps within a couple of days. With some dedicated practice over a few weeks, you can become comfortable building more complex functionalities.

Signing up for Fuzen is quick and easy! Just create an account and explore our resources to get acquainted with the platform. You can then choose to build your app from scratch or leverage our pre-designed templates to get started. Our supportive team is also available to answer questions and  provide a demo  if needed.

To delete your account, go to the “My Account” page. Here within the “Manage Apps” section, you’ll see an option to “Cancel My Account”.

Please note that your app will be permanently deleted and you won’t have an option to access any of your apps.

Creating a new account on Fuzen is easy. Simply click on the “Sign up for free” or “Get started” CTA and fill up the onboarding form. Then click on “Create New”. Once this is done, you’ll be redirected to the dashboard from where you can start building your app. In very rare scenarios, users may find some difficulty during the onboarding process, for this you can directly contact the Fuzen team via email (hello@fuzen.io) or schedule a demo call (https://fuzen.io/demo/)

While Fuzen doesn’t directly generate documents, you can create PDFs using the ‘Create HTML Document’ block. Here’s how it works:

Design your PDF template in HTML format, including placeholders for dynamic content like #name#, #email#, etc.

Use the ‘Create HTML Document’ block within Fuzen.

Paste your HTML template code into the block.

Map the placeholders in your template to data points within your Fuzen app using shortcodes. By following these steps, you can create custom PDF documents for your clients that automatically populate with relevant information from your app.

Fuzen empowers you to craft a seamless email experience within your SaaS application. You can leverage two key features:

Compose Email block: Integrate a user-friendly interface allowing users to directly draft and send emails without leaving your app. 

Send Email Workflow: Automate email triggers based on user actions. This lets you send targeted emails at specific points in the user journey, enhancing engagement and streamlining communication.

The Starter plan offered by Fuzen is $19 per month, billed annually at $190.
You can check the pricing details here: https://fuzen.io/pricing/

Yes, Fuzen provides a generous free plan to get started. In free plan you will get 1000 tokens and requests per month. Apart from this you also get 1 GB of storage. Get started for free and build your app at zero risk with Fuzen’s free plan! You can find more details on the pricing page here: https://fuzen.io/pricing/

Fuzen makes building subscription-based software (SaaS apps) easy! It’s like having a toolbox filled with the perfect pieces to build your app quickly, without needing any coding knowledge. Plus, Fuzen works with popular payment and marketing tools you already know, saving you time and money. They even have a free plan to try it out! So, if you have an idea for a subscription service, Fuzen can help you bring it to life.

Fuzen empowers you to build a wide range of web-based applications, with a specialty in building powerful SaaS (Software as a Service) applications. This includes popular categories like:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
  • Project management tools
  • Accounting and invoicing applications
  • Applications with Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration 

Fuzen’s intuitive interface and comprehensive features make it ideal for creating subscription-based services that deliver ongoing value to your users. While Fuzen excels in SaaS, it also offers the flexibility to explore other web app ideas.

While Fuzen excels at building web-based applications, there are some limitations to consider:

Mobile Apps: Currently, Fuzen doesn’t directly create native mobile apps. However, you can build responsive web apps that adapt well to mobile devices or integrate Fuzen’s backend with a separate mobile app built using another platform.
Offline Functionality: Fuzen-built apps primarily function online. As all your app data is stored on cloud, all features may require an internet connection. If you’re unsure whether your app idea falls within these limitations, feel free to reach out to Fuzen’s support team (hello@fuzen.io) to discuss your specific needs.

While Fuzen focuses on crafting web-based SaaS applications, building your mobile app dream alongside it is still possible! Fuzen creates responsive web apps that seamlessly adjust to mobile devices, ensuring a positive user experience on smartphones and tablets. But if a dedicated mobile app is your vision, Fuzen’s powerful backend can seamlessly integrate with a separate mobile app built using other platforms. There are even agencies specializing in both Fuzen and mobile app development, and Fuzen can help you find the perfect expert to bring your complete vision to life.

Absolutely! Fuzen empowers you with multiple ways to get your app built.

Hire a No-Code Expert: Leverage Fuzen’s “Hire an Expert” service [link to Fuzen’s Hire an Expert page, https://fuzen.io/hire-a-no-code-expert/] to connect with skilled freelancers and agencies who specialize in building Fuzen apps.

Work with the Fuzen Team: Fuzen offers development services to bring your SaaS vision to life. Contact their sales team to discuss your project and explore their cost-effective solutions. Email at hello@fuzen.io

Absolutely! Fuzen offers white-labeling options to customize your SaaS application:

Paid Plans: Enjoy full whitelabeling capabilities. Replace Fuzen branding with your own logo and name, and even add a custom domain for a completely branded user experience.
Free Plan: Whitelabeling options are limited. While you can’t fully remove Fuzen branding, you can still personalize your app to a certain extent.

To learn more reach out to  hello@fuzen.io

Fuzen empowers you to easily export your app’s data! You can download your information in a common CSV format, allowing you to work with it in other applications. If you encounter any difficulties during the export process, feel free to contact our helpful support team at hello@fuzen.io.

Unlike other no-code platforms, Fuzen is only focused on building web-based SaaS applications. This makes it super easy to learn, has everything you need to build your subscription app (think logins, payments, data), and even works with popular payment gateways. Basically, Fuzen gets you building faster without the headache.

Fuzen can definitely help you scale your app beyond an MVP. Here’s how:

Manages Growth: As your user base explodes, Fuzen’s horizontal scaling lets you add more resources easily. This keeps your app running perfectly even with a massive influx of users.
Future-Proofs Features: Fuzen’s architecture helps you build features designed for future growth. This means you can add or modify them easily without needing a complete overhaul as your app scales

No, exporting the source code for your Fuzen app is not currently possible. The Fuzen platform utilizes a no-code architecture, where applications are built visually instead of through traditional coding methods. This streamlines development but doesn’t generate conventional source code for each app.

Even if you’re a coder, Fuzen offers several benefits:

  • Faster Development: Build apps quickly using pre-designed functionality and pre-built components, saving you time compared to writing code from scratch.
  • Focus on Functionality: Free yourself from repetitive coding tasks and concentrate on core app logic and unique features.
  • Reduced Errors: Fuzen’s visual interface minimizes syntax errors common in traditional coding.
  • Prototyping & Iteration: Rapidly prototype and iterate on your app ideas without extensive coding cycles.

Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration between coders and non-technical team members in the app development process.

Yes you can build website landing pages on Fuzen for your SaaS application. You can use any of our pre-designed templates or build the website from scratch. If you need any help to build your website feel free to schedule a demo  or contact our support team at  hello@fuzen.io

No, all these fields are available in both free and paid plan. These fields can be selected from the advance settings of any type of form block.