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At Fuzen, we understand that translating your ideas into impactful, functional applications requires expertise. Our “Hire an Expert” service connects you with proficient individuals and teams well-versed in leveraging our no-code platform to bring your projects to life.

Girish Gilda

🌎 India

I build B2B SaaS apps with Fuzen’s No-code App Builder.

$10.00-$50.00 per hour

English I Hindi

Ahmed Ali


I am an app developer. Making tech easy for everyone to use!

$30.00-$80.00 per hour


Shashank Nathe

🌎 India

I am a Front-end Developer. I create websites.

$50.00-$100.00 per hour


Tom Harrison

🌎 US

No-code enthusiast simplifying your tech goals!

$40.00-$100.00 per hour


Alana Taiwo

🌎 Nigeria

I help dreamers to build applications without using any code.

$30.00-$60.00 per hour


Tuan Nguyen

🌎 Vietnam

Creating websites without coding by using intuitive visual interfaces.

$50.00-$120.00 per hour

English | Vietnamese

Borris Shevchenko

🌎 Ukraine

Turning concepts into apps and websites effortlessly. No coding, just creativity.

$40.00-$90.00 per hour

English | Ukrainian | Russian