Bulk upload leads from Excel to CRM

Most new businesses and startups start managing their early customers in Excel sheets. You plan switching to a CRM software only when your operations start to grow. That’s when you will need to bulk upload your existing leads from Excel to the new CRM.

How well these leads are imported to the new CRM, will determine how smoothly your sales operations will transition from Excel to the new CRM. So let’s look at some important factors which will enable a successful transition.

Important considerations when you bulk upload leads from Excel

Importing all details of your leads

Most CRM platforms will allow you to import basic lead details like – name, email, phone, address etc. from a CSV or Excel source. But often these details are not enough.

Depending on your business type, you may also be tracking several other factors like – customer’s requirements, the products they are looking for, budget and many more specifics that are relevant to your business. These details must be imported to the CRM to facilitate an easy transition.

bulk upload leads from excel to crm

Fitting the data into workflows of your new CRM

Sometimes it is not enough to simply import all the lead details. Those details should also fit into the workflows of the new CRM. For example, many workflows will be dependent on the “lead type” or “lead source” attribute. The details uploaded from the Excel sheet should be easily linked with such workflows.

    Making sure it works

    CRM connected to Google Drive

    Fuzen enables easy bulk upload of leads from Excel, by linking the CRM dashboard to Google Drive and Google sheets. All the leads in Fuzen CRM are tracked with the help of a Google Sheet.

      Since the CRM dashboard is tightly integrated with the Google Drive apps, it becomes very easy to add new lead attributes and to link those attributes with the CRM workflows. Adding a new data attribute on CRM dashboard is simply done by adding a new column to the associated Google spreadsheet.

      Bulk uploading to Fuzen CRM

      This Google Sheet is as flexible as a regular Excel sheet. So you can easily copy leads data from Excel and paste it into the Google spreadsheet linked to CRM.

      copy leads from excel and paste to crm

      You can even make changes or corrections to your lead data after uploading it to the CRM Google Sheet. This level of flexibility ensures smooth transition from your Excel sheet to a full fledged CRM. Try it for free to see how it actually works.

      An added advantage of having your CRM connected to Google sheets, is that you can always easily export the leads data out of your CRM by copying the data from connected Google Spreadsheet to a CSV or Excel file. That makes it easy for you to analyze your sales numbers in an Excel sheet.

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