Drip email sequence for solar sales

In the highly competitive solar installation market, any slight edge or even a small improvement in your sales process, can give you significant gains. Automating smaller parts of your solar sales process can give you that edge.

In this post, we will look at how different kinds of drip email sequences can help you automate different parts of your solar sales process.

Drip email sequence templates for solar sales

You can use these drip email sequence templates to automate standard communications with your leads in the solar sales process.

    Qualifying new leads

    Lead qualification is an important part of any sales process. How effectively you screen and qualify your leads, will determine how successfully you can convert them.

    You can convert leads more effectively when you focus majority of your time talking to qualified leads. So you wouldn’t want to spend too much time at the qualification stage. It would be even better if the screening and qualification process is simply automated, leaving you to focus on the qualified leads.

    Let’s look at a drip email sequence for screening and qualifying solar installation leads.

    drip email sequence to qualify solar leads

    Send lead qualification form

    Subject: Quick estimate for your solar installation
    Hey #Name#,

    First of all, thanks for your interest in solar PV installation.

    Have you already thought about what kind of PV system you want to install for your house? Can you give us a few details and your expectations?
    *link to customer details form*

    If you have just started exploring solar PV solutions, here are some links that will help you explore different options.
    *link to your solutions / offerings on your website*
    *link to basics of solar PV, involved costs etc*

    Let me know if you need any help from my side to get started. Or just call me on – *your contact number*

    All the best,

    Request for missed or additional info

    Subject: Need some more info
    Hey #Name#,

    Earlier we received your requirements for a solar PV system. Thanks for sharing that information. After going through the details, we found some details missing – #Missing Details#.

    If possible, can you please update them on the following link – *link to customer details form* ?
    *That will help us give you a more accurate proposal. Otherwise, we can give you a rough estimate.

    Looking forward to hear from you.


    Send proposal

    Subject: Solar PV proposal for – #Customer’s Full Name#
    Hi #Name#,

    Hope you’re doing great.

    Based on the information you shared earlier and your requirements for a solar PV system, I am sending you a proposal.

    Please review the same and let me know if you have any questions. Also, please note that we have proposed the use of only the best quality of materials, PV panels and Inverter.

    We take quality and durability very seriously at *your company name*, as you will find out from these customer testimonials.
    *links to testimonials section on your website*

    So when you choose to work with us, you can be rest assured about the quality, durability and maintenance aspects.

    Let me know what you think.


    Follow up, check for any changes

    Subject: RE: Solar PV proposal for – #Customer’s Full Name#
    Hey #Name#,

    How are you doing? Did you get a chance to review the proposal I sent you earlier?

    If you want to change a few things in the system, for example – PV modules, Inverters etc. You can change those from the following link and we will send you an updated proposal.
    *link to customer details form*

    So that you can compare different systems and only select the best suited for your purpose ๐Ÿ™‚

    Do you need any more info or help from our side?

    Please let me know.


      Educating and warming up qualified leads

      Once you have qualified a leads, you want to help them decide on a solar PV solution that is best suited for their needs. In the process you also want them to realize why you are best suited installer to provide that solution.

      Essentially, you are going to educate the customer about different options available for solar PV installation and about your services in particular.

      So why not use a drip email sequence to educate your solar customers as they move down further in your solar sales funnel.

      drip email sequence to educate your solar leads

      Return On Investment (ROI) / Financial benefits

      Subject: Reducing your electricity bills
      Hey #Name#,

      First of all thanks for your interest in our solar PV solutions!

      Most people think of Solar Energy as the environmental friendly energy alternative.

      While thatโ€™s very true, solar has now also become a budget friendly energy alternative.

      We can help you to reduce your electricity bill by #percent bill reduction# %. On an average our customers get their initial investment back in #Payback Period#.

      Check out our utility savings calculator – *link to calculator on your website*

      It will tell you exactly how much you’re going to save and how soon all your investment in solar PV system is going to be returned, based on your usage and kW capacity of your rooftop solar.

      Let me know if you have any questions or need any more info.


      Why quality matters

      Subject: Quality cannot be ignored
      Hey #Name#,

      In my earlier email, I wrote to you about how you can expect all your investment in a rooftop solar installation to be returned in #Payback Period# years. Afterwards, you are going to enjoy free electricity for many more years.

      But an important factor there is that your installation has to last for all those years. That’s why quality of the installation becomes so much important.

      Your rooftop solar system is really a long term investment and it should be treated as such.

      That’s why I’m sharing some best practices to operate and maintain a rooftop solar systems for longer lifespan – *link to best practices guide*

      Hope it helps ๐Ÿ™‚


      Assure focus on quality

      Subject: Highest quality guaranteed
      Hi #Name#,

      Earlier, I wrote to you about why quality and durability of your solar PV installation is so much important.

      The only way you are going to get the most value for your money, is by running the PV system for a long time.

      That’s why we also focus heavily on the quality and durability aspects.

      So not only we are committed to install the best quality materials on your rooftop but we also guarantee the performance of our installations for #Guarantee Period#.

      We asked our older customers about their experience with us over the years and this is what they had to say – *link to testimonial videos on website*

      Let me know if you have any questions about the lifespan of our solar installations.


        Automated follow ups

        Doing regular follow ups can put considerable strain on your time. Moreover if you call your customers too many times, it can end up being a little annoying.

        Instead, you can use an automated follow up email sequence for non-intrusive follow ups. And then you can call customers only when they start showing some signs of buying.

        This will not only help you to perfectly time your calls but it will also save you from hours of figurative banging on their doors.

        automate follow up emails for solar sales

        Send a case study

        Subject: Case study #Case Study Title#
        Hi #Name#,

        How are you doing? Did you get a chance to review the proposal I had shared last week?

        Let me know if you need any clarification or any more info on that.

        I also wanted to share a case study of another customer who had a very similar requirement to yours.

        We installed a #System Capacity# kW rooftop system for #Customer Name#, #Time passed# ago.

        Since then he has already saved $ #Dollars Saved# in utility bills. Here’s his detailed experience in his own words – #Customer Testimonial Link#.


        Calculate money lost each month

        Subject: Losing $#Lost Amount# every month
        How are you #Name#?

        You already know how a rooftop solar system is good for the environment.

        So I want to highlight how it also makes solid financial sense.

        Based on your current electricity bills, we calculated that you are losing $#Lost Amount# every month, which could be put to better use elsewhere when you have a solar system installed.

        I am sending you the calculations in an attachment, so that you can verify for yourself that each month without rooftop solar is costing you $#Lost Amount#.

        Whenever you are ready to expedite the installation, we’ll be ready ๐Ÿ™‚


        Offer discounts or ask for feedback

        If someone does not respond after sending them all these drip emails, they are probably not going to buy from you right away. They may be stalling or may have even given up on the idea of installing solar.

        So you can send them a final email to either get some feedback from them.

        Or you can try to revive their interest by offering a limited time discount offer. This option would be great for someone who is sitting on a fence.

        But the last email will depend on the situation. So based on your engagement with the lead so far, you can write that last email.

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