Monitor reach and engagement of your posts

Fuzen’s social media calendar app turns your Google Drive & Spreadsheets into a highly productive social media automation platform. You can use this social media calendar to schedule posts on your social media accounts to be posted on selected date and time.

If you have already set up your social media calendar and connected your social media accounts to Fuzen, you can schedule any content to be posted on specific date & time.

Once your create the schedule, Fuzen will automate the actual posting on social media. You can visit the Fuzen social media tracking dashboard to monitor the reach and engagement of your posts.

Social Media Engagement Dashboard

Go to the social media calendar app and then to the “Connected Tools” tab. Here you will see a connected app for “Social Media Engagement Dashboard”.

Click on it open the dashboard. Here you will see status of each post. It will say ‘POSTED’ if the scheduled post was successfully created on your social media account.

Additionally, you will also see the engagement stats like – reactions, clicks, comments and impressions for all the posts.

You can also see all the post data in a raw format by going to the ‘Social Media Sharing’ sheet in your Google Drive.