Solar EPC Sales Tracking: Manage Engineering Design Files

In the solar CRM app, a new lead is first created in the central ‘Sales Tracking’ sheet. Subsequently, the new leads are delegated to the sales team and site surveys are scheduled.

Correspondingly, the sales team performs site survey and submits the measurements and photos via the site survey form. This data is then emailed to the engineering team to help them with preliminary engineering design and a proposal.

This email will also have a link to a form to update engineering design and commercial offer details.

You can also open the same form directly from lead details page, by going to “Update Data >> Update Design and Commercial Details”.

Create and upload engineering design files

When you open the form, customer contact details are already prefilled. Do not edit the customer email or phone from here.

But you can then submit other important details required in to make a proposal to this customer – type of panels, inverters, their quantities etc.

Also update the commercial offer details such as – offered price, discounts, financing etc.

Please note this form is completely configurable. We can add / edit / remove any field from this form as per your requirement. Please contact our support desk with the details of any changes you want to make. We will be happy to help you out.

When the form is submitted, Fuzen will send an email to the project manager with the details of engineering design and commercial offer.

All the important engineering design files are attached to this email.

Once all these details are in place, you can proceed to create a proposal for this customer.