Solar EPC Project Management: Create new project

After setting up the solar project management app in your Fuzen account, the next step is to create your first solar project on Fuzen.

Create new project

Go to your central project dashboard and click on the ‘Create New Project’ button.

Then enter the basic details of the new project in a project creation form that pops up and submit the details to create a new project.

When you create a new solar project, Fuzen will created files, folders and workflows for that project in your Google Drive. It may take 1-2 minutes for all the files and workflows to be created. Please wait for a couple of minutes for the project dashboard to load.

When the set up is complete, you will see the dashboard for new project. This is a project specific dashboard for the newly created project. If you want to go back to the central project tracking dashboard, you can do so by clicking on ‘Solar Project Management Link’ in the left menu.

On the project dashboard, you will see the basic details of your project and a button to update these details. When you click on ‘Update Data’ button, you will see options to update different details like – meter application details or installation details.

If you want to add more options for updating specific project details, let us know. We can customize the project dashboard as per your requirements.

Project Scope of Work and Progress Tracking

Apart from the basic project details, you will also see a progress tracking tab on the project dashboard. When you click on the ‘Progress Tracking’ tab you will find all the activities from project Scope Of Work listed there.

These activities are imported from a default solar installation project template when the project is created. You can edit this default scope of work (SOW) by clicking the link at the top.

By clicking the edit link, you can open the project SOW in a Google Spreadsheet and easily make changes in the same sheet. All the changes you make will be saved and reflected in project SOW on your dashboard.

You can also copy the project activities from an Excel sheet and paste them in the Google Sheet. If you are using MS Project or Primavera for scheduling your project, just export the project schedule to a CSV file and then copy the project activities from CSV to paste them into Fuzen’s Google Spreadsheet.

Once your project scope of work and schedule is finalized, you will be ready to delegate the listed project activities to members of your project team.