Cold Email Automation: Create new email template

Fuzen’s cold email automation app turns your Gmail & Google Drive accounts into a highly productive email marketing platform.

After setting up your cold email automation app within Google Drive, next you can – create new mailing lists, email templates and multiple cold email campaigns.

Now, let’s look at how to create a new email template for your cold email campaigns.

Add a new email template document

Go to the Email Campaigns Dashboard from your cold email automation app. Then click on the ‘Manage Email Templates’ button.

On the “Email Templates” page, you will see all the email templates that you have created in your account. There will also be a default email template, which you can use to get quickly stated with your first trial campaign.

You can create a new email template document by simply clicking “Create New Email Template” button. Then specify a title for the new template, in the pop-up that appears.

When you click on save, Fuzen will create a new Google Document file in which your email content can be easily entered. Click on the template to open it in your browser and edit email content as per your requirement.

You will see some default text there. It is there just to give you an idea of how you can structure your email template and the different things that you can do to personalize and format your email text.

You can the overwrite this default email content to replace it with your own message.

Use #Name# and #Company# short codes for recipient’s first name and company name respectively. If you have added any additional columns to your mailing list for personalizing your campaign, you can insert the data from those columns to your emails by simply adding #COLUMN_TITLE# tags to your template.

For example, if the column title is “Business Process”, then add #Business Process# tag to your email template.

That’s it! After you type your email content in this Google Doc, you can use it for any number of email campaigns.