Solar EPC Sales Tracking: Configure Solar CRM Settings

You will see the ‘CRM Settings’ link in the left hand menu. From there you can configure various settings, such as – email account integration, email templates, proposal templates etc.

Email integration

Go to the ‘CRM Settings’ link and fill out the SMTP integration form. All of the details required for this integration (domain, smtp / imap host, ports etc.) will be provided by your email service host. Normally it is the same vendor who hosts your website and emails.

Once you fill out this form, click on ‘Connect SMTP Account’ to connect your email account. You will be able to verify the integration by sending a test email. Click on ‘Send a Test Email’. This will trigger an email from your SMTP linked account to your login email (google account used for logging in). Both these accounts need not be the same.

If the integration is successful, test email will be sent successfully. You can verify the test email by going to your Gmail account used for logging in.

Once your email account is correctly integrated, you will be able directly send emails from Fuzen CRM account.

Proposal Templates

All proposal templates available in your CRM are available in the ‘Proposal Templates’ section. Click on any one of them to open them as a Google Document.


You can freely edit this document to add your company information, terms & conditions, formats, fonts etc. Any changes will be reflected in all your subsequent proposal files.

All the fields enclosed between ‘#’ (e.g. #Site Address#) are dynamic fields. They will be filled when creating a proposal with customer specific data. You should avoid making any changes to them, but you can change their font style, color etc.

Email Templates

Similar to proposal templates, you will also find all the email templates in your account listed under the ‘Email Templates’ section. Click on any one of them to open as a google document.

You can edit the email text by editing the google document. Further you can also add images, font styles etc. to the email body.

Text contained within ‘#’ symbols are dynamic data tags, will will be replaced by customer specific information – for example, #Name# etc.

When sending an email from Fuzen CRM, you can select any of these email templates to get a starting point for your email text. The file name of the google document will be used as the email subject.

The email subject as well as text of the email body can be finally edited before actually sending the email.